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Welcome to RaluFineArt World

RaluFineArt thrives on slow fashion core values, each scarf is designed in Belgium and manufactured in limited quantities with passion and care. Here you will find only high quality scarves, wearable art with vibrant and elegant multi color patterns, specially designed for women who love to be authentic and stylish.

The person behind the brand

I am Ralu, the founder of RaluFineArt and I am thrilled you are here to look at my artwork. Everybody has an addiction and mine is fashion accessories and silk scarves. Before I started to design silk scarves I was already a passionate scarves collector. For me a scarf is special, a timeless accessory, a symbol of femininity and sophistication.

I replicate my scarves designs from my photos and not only by translating the essence of nature and urban impressions into delightful fashion accessories. I believe that any creator, any designer leaves a part of the soul in its own creations.

When I design new models, I imagine the woman wearing my scarves to be full of life, have a rich, vivid and warm look. Discover the scarves collection and find the perfect scarf for yourself or to be offered to your loved ones.

One Scarf Sold, One Tree Planted

RaluFineArt is a brand committed to raising awareness about endangered species and deforestation. By partnering with One Tree Planted Organisation, together we do something great for our environment. A tree is planted with every RaluFineArt scarf purchased.

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