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Do you like to be surrounded by nature? Birds singing, forest rustling, flowing rivers, splendid meadows, splashing waves and feeling the freedom in the air? Bringing the nature into your bathroom helps create a healthy, relaxing place in your house or apartment. 

The color that you choose has a massive effect and green is more likely to ensure a calm place than others. Definitely it gives a sense of well being. Here below one of RaluFineArt Best Sellers for 2020 - 'Sulphur Spring'

What makes you think when you see such curtain in the bathroom? 

Water + Rocks + Exotic plants = Perfect scenery 💚 

Client says: ‘The seller was excellent to work with and I would recommend their products. It is not easy to find a shower curtain that pulls greenery and water and rocks into a single print, but this was exactly what we were looking for. We added ivy garland around the top, woven around the shower hooks, and have river stone bathmats which make this a perfect fit for our decor.’

If you like to walk on the fields, imagine wandering in the green and splendid meadows and how this would look into your own bathroom. 

A scenic walk through the vineyards is unbelievably picturesque. Is not a common shower curtain you can find anywhere and nonetheless is the perfect accent for your country bathroom decor. It's simply charming!

But nature is not all about green as each person sees nature in a different way. It could be in predominant shades of blue and brown right from the 'Blue Forest'. This curtain gives you that outdoorsy feeling and can create a serene design for your bathroom.

Love this shower curtain below: the distinctive outline of the trees reaching up toward the sky evokes the beauty of nature at its best time during the change of seasons.

Nature is also associated with the beach and tropical shower curtain patterns. Each of these patterns features different aspects of nature and can provide you with unique and fresh vibes. Here below one of the best sellers 'Sea waves' - a moss and emerald green bathroom accessory and 'Under the coconut tree' shower curtain. Both images coming from the marvelous exotic St Lucia island. 

Who said shower curtains are underrated? 

Fancy for more urban style or other nature themes? Check for more models on my home decor section => curtains collection 

You have the opportunity to choose from many, the pattern of your shower curtain. With so many different shower curtains designs, you can pick the one you desire and create the bathroom of your dreams! Even more, make it an outstanding room so that you can wake up every morning with a peaceful feeling. 

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December 30, 2020 — malina catoiu