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Too much or too less on your plate these days? Time is one of our most valuable assets and most of the time we speak of time as if we are powerless. Usually we are short on time and unhappy about when and where time goes. 

Some might even think that their self-worth depends on the length of their to do list. 

Did you ever stop being busy, running around like chicken without heads and not accomplishing much? In reality nobody is that busy if they are interested to make time for someone or something else on their agenda. It all depends on each one priority list. And now it's a good time to make time for our family, for our loved ones and most important for ourselves to fill our lives and homes with positive energy. 

Today I've chosen to talk about yoga and yoga mats. How often do you feel uninspired? Do I hear often? As children, creativity came easily right? We were constantly imagining new ideas, have day dreams, playing with ideas and believe in our ideas and as children we were also expressing freely our thoughts and feelings.

Creativity comes and goes depending on so many factors. I felt the same until I decided that clearing the mental blocks and get the creative juices flowing is one of the best things I could do in order to feel better. 

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation, the breath is an important and powerful tool for releasing the stress. Yoga is freedom in our routine, it helps up build up confidence through self control. It is a powerful weapon against anxiety and depression and helps us boost our immune system. 

The best part? You can find your happiness on RaluFineArt yoga mats: they are eco-friendly made of natural rubber.

I had been dealing before with slippery mats and this was driving me crazy. RaluFineArt yoga mats are body friendly and seriously they are grippy and supportive. They do not move on the floor and your feet and hands do not slip on them at all. The quality is top and the image printed on each one of them, makes them unique; its a joy to practice on!

A whole collection of yoga mats is available on my website. Click HERE to see the collection.

Go check it out, try one and let me know. Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Yours truly

Ralu xx


June 12, 2021 — malina catoiu