Last Changes to the Summer Scarves Collection – Ralu Fine Art

Coucou everyone! 

During the last days I have been working with the manufacturer for the last details for the summer scarves looking in particular to the sizes, resolution, fitting into the manufacturer specifications making sure you will have in the end the high quality patterns and models printed on the silk. 

Based on these back and forth discussions, some changes have been made. This initial pattern (first photo) is replaced by the second pattern (second photo). 

'Blue Medley' pattern suffered slightly changes into the pattern. 

And 'A Ray of Sunshine' pattern is the last pattern for which I have changed the border color to grey. 

If these are the models for which you voted for, I really hope you will love the changes I have made. The rest of the models remain unchanged. 

So are you already on the waiting list? If not, CLICK HERE and hop on the waiting list. Don't wait too long!

Make sure you are the first to be notified when I open the pre-order and get the first dibs of it. All models are limited editions. 

Yours truly


April 28, 2021 — malina catoiu