Messy Hair, Loose Hair, Stylish Hair.....Scarfy be my friend – Ralu Fine Art

'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only' - Coco Channel 

Messy Hair, Loose Hair, Stylish Hair....let's face it hair accessories are those little extras like headbands or silk scarves that are our best friends. Plus silk scarves look particularly wonderful when incorporated to different sorts of ponytails or buns. The best bit? It's a nice twist into everyday hairstyle, a pop of color that makes you look chic. 

When I was a little girl I was fascinated about scarves and how women styled the scarves around their neck or head. Along the years I loved collecting all kind of scarves, it's a timeless accessory that stays in the drawer ready to be matched and styled in so many different ways. I have collected my shares of scarves but what I wished more is to create my own scarves and unique designs and here's it goes you can have a look at my scarves collection that grows season after season.  

By the way how do you wear your scarves? Most women enjoy wearing them around their neck isn't it? Today I dedicate this blog post for those who love to style the scarf as a hair accessory. 

Along the years headscarves became a status symbol of glamour. The half top knot is such a gorgeous unique way of styling your silk scarf. It gives you a more relaxed look and feel and a twisted braid around your head gives you a natural wreath that enhances your look. I find it romantic don't you? And 'Urban Decay' scarf can be matched so easily to many different outfit colors. 

Let's look at the Bun Swirl for a moment. You can put up your hair in a top knot and simply wrap the scarf around the base for several times (that depending on the scarf size too) and here it goes one of the most chic look with 'Whisper of Passion' scarf. 

Or with the gorgeous 'Autumn Leaves scarf . Which one you prefer in between the two? 


Headbands are here to stay! So keep calm and wear headband my friends. Just scrunch it up and push it back for a classy look ..such a feminine look with minimal effort....and 'Garden's Wonders' scarf does the trick. 

Take a closer look at this bohemian tying which I find it personal, carefree, unconventional, a rule-breaker that expresses so much individuality. 

Well that's it for today my lovelies. I will talk more about turbans and other head scarf styling next time. 

Stay safe and healthy 


November 14, 2020 — malina catoiu