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Hello lovelies

There is a whisper in the street about the change of seasons, a soft breeze through the trees telling about an Autumn music felt in the sound of the rain and the wind, in the rustling of the falling leaves. Days are getting shorter and the temperatures do not climb so high as the months before. For some reason I would say it is scarves season. I could not let this Autumn pass by and not bring in for you a new model, a new style. I introduce you to 'Superposed Realities' Scarf.

A passing traveler, few onlookers in the city on a misty morning, the air breathes frost, gentle raindrops fall and a thin wind beats. Indeed, leaves fly down to the ground and all the Autumn colors are all around. Once again Autumn season is here. 

As the Autumn follows a seasonal cycle we must be aware that is not only the environment that changes but so does our life: yellow, red, brownish leaves, weather moods, wind swings, gray clouds, chill air, energy change. Did you observe the fresh smell of the rain and the sweet smell of the moistened earth? Each season is unique in its own way and so it is my new scarf. A true must-have for this Autumn season that is worth of your attention and that just arrived into the shop. 

Have a closer look by clicking here to see this beauty. And you would like to know which scarf style might fits you better don't forget to take your style quiz. You have the opportunity to vote for your favorite scarf and try your chance to win too. Are you ready? Just CLICK HERE 

Your truly

Ralu xx

September 25, 2022 — malina catoiu