Pre-Order is OPEN NOW – Ralu Fine Art

Hello my lovelies

For those interested in my last creation I would like to know that is now open for pre-order with delivery beginning February just in time for St Valentines. 😀❤️

'Paris exists to remind you that all your dreams are real' - Audrey Hepburn

If you are fan of Paris or you know anyone in love of Paris, you can use it as a nice present for her.


Never out of style accessory that always comes in handy and effortlessly elevates your outfit. LIMITED EDITION

I passed the order to the manufacturer with the fix amount for quantities as I have already pre booked orders. The scarf comes to you in a beautiful RaluFineArt envelope beginning February.
A fabulous treat for you or your loved one. Go ahead, indulge! 
CLICK HERE to pre-order it now. 
Ralu xx


January 16, 2022 — malina catoiu