RaluFineArt at Who's Next Fashion Trade Event in Paris 2023 – Ralu Fine Art

The fashion world converged at the prestigious Who's Next trade event in Paris and RaluFineArt brand was there too as exposant. 

We left Belgium to arrive in Paris on Friday 1st of September at Parc Expo Porte de Versailles to discover our dedicated place and prepare our stand. 

At Who's Next Paris, brand-new silk scarf models graced the runway for the very first time. In the photo below is one of them! 

After long hours of dedicated work we finally finished decorating the stand, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

The journey from an empty space to a beautifully adorned display was filled with moments of creativity and teamwork. 



Day 1: Setting the Stage

It was a day filled with creativity, lots of interesting discussions, connections that a shared passion for the art of fashion, setting the stage for an unforgettable event.

Here’s photos captured right before the opening.

The first day brought lots of things: 

👉Meeting passionate designers and manufacturers and hearing their creative journeys has been incredibly inspiring

👉The connections I have made yesterday are priceless.

👉Conversations with buyers, agents and exposants have expanded my fashion horizons for further collaboration and brought new ideas.

Day 2: A Symphony of Style

On day two of 'Who's Next, RaluFineArt creations were more than accessories they were a symphony of colors and patterns. I watched with pride as visitors, exposants and buyers interacted with my creations, each one sharing its own vision. 

As I love to live my life in colors, on day 2 I wore my favourite red outfit styled with the new model I showed you before that matched perfectly with my red dress and people were asking if I was auditioning for 'The Lady in Red' music video remake! 💃😂 It seems I was channeling my inner Chris de Burgh with a fashionable twist!

To not mention that my feet have declared independence😀 They were on a separate mission – 'Operation: Find the Nearest Chair Possible!’👠🪑


Jokes apart, Day 2 was an amazing day opening more opportunities for collaborations and RaluFineArt Crew was simply amazing every single moment.


Day 3: The Grand Finale

Already moving into the Day 3, the energy was at its peak, with the promise of new connections and inspiring conversations but also with a mixture of nostalgia and achievement filled the air. 

With each passing day, the event gained momentum. The anticipation was high, and the day brought new networking opportunities.😀We exchanged ideas, forged connections, and basked in the camaraderie of fellow exhibitors.

Paris, the city of dreams, had opened its doors to us, and we were leaving with not just memories but a profound sense of purpose.

We had buyers from different countries and regions expressing their interest like:

- a big group from Dubai,

- a big chain from Turkey,

- several shops from Hong Kong mainly focused on European brands and designs,

- several shops from Japan some with a chain of shops and others being present in high end resorts,

- a shop from South Korea,

- a very niched shop in Ireland for horses and

- France with a very high end department store and 2 other companies with 2 different projects. One project of an association for Congo Africa and the second one proposing to be their graphical designer and producer of their scarves for mothers and their babies.  

We said 'au revoir' to the event with a sense of gratitude and inspiration.

Who's Next Paris had not only introduced us to the fashion industry but had also connected us with a global community of like-minded individuals who shared our passion for style. 

Paris had welcomed us, and Who's Next Paris had empowered us.

My brand is no longer just a participant, it is a part of the global fashion narrative, ready to weave its story into the fabric of style and elegance.

Till next time and more stories

Yours truly 

Ralu xx

September 06, 2023 — malina catoiu