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Small business owners have been hit hard by Covid and by the social distancing measures; some have closed their shops and some have closed and re-opened. Nowadays, with the pandemic, I hope you agree with me, it is even more important than ever to support small businesses. When you value a small business, you are valuing that person, that entrepreneur that behind the scenes knows you by your name, knows what you like the most and delivers to you the product in a very personalized manner. 

RaluFineArt as a small business wants to make conscious decisions and contribute to help and support other small businesses and artists. Therefore in a joint effort five creative ladies (Malina, Natalie, Sarah, Irina and Anne)  connected by their hobbies (incl. myself @RaluFineArt) came together to make this gift guide for you

Why shop small?

- you support businesses like ours through Covid time

- you help us achieve our dreams

- every order that comes in is seen and celebrated

- you get a personalized service 


How to support small businesses like ours?

- like, comment and share our posts

- recommend us to friends & family - follow us on social media

- send us a personal message if you like a product and need more information

- buy from us with confidence

- write a positive review if you liked our products

Remember when everyone helps each other, everyone discovers new interesting things and this turns into an incredible circle of amazing people who support themselves. Here @RaluFineArt each day starts always with positive thoughts and a motto: 'There is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if now seems to be too slow to be reached. Never give up and always keep going no matter if your steps are small or big'. 

Sending good vibes to all of you. Don't forget to download your Gift Guide , is full of beautiful creations plus it doesn't cost a dime to have a look. Feel free to drop me a comment if you like, I read them all. 

Founder and Designer 

Malina Catoiu

November 25, 2020 — malina catoiu