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'A woman's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!' - Billy Connally

Let's face it ladies, the things we love are: Beauty, Fashion and Art. And today I've chosen to talk about RaluFineArt TOP Everyday Bags for this spring; you know those enormous, oversized totes.

Totebags are a symbol of feminine functionality, an accessory mixing beauty and practicality and you can wear them casually with your daily outfit. Plus behind all my models there is a story. Curious to know? 

Here's 'Return of the Happiness' Tote with the lily of the valley flowers from my own garden. I've chosen this model as a symbol of the rebirth of the nature during the spring time. I find the model so refreshing and splendid to be fit with any spring outfit. 

Another model I love for the spring is 'Cherry Flowers' tote: elegantly simple, useful and fun. 

Below you will notice 'Lady Bird, Lady Bug' Tote for a graceful transition into the spring season. I've designed this tote having in mind the transformation of the nature from winter to the spring season; transformation that proves to be slow and gradual and we should go through this change with ease, simplicity and lightness.

A most lovely 'Blue Bells' Tote you can ever behold. When I see bluebells in the woods I feel a sense of rejoicing, peace and timelessness. Bluebells are so often referred to be fairy flowers. Some say that fairies get inside the blue bells to find shelter from the rain; some say that fairies rung the bluebells to summon other fairies for a meeting. Are we too old as adults to still believe in fairies?  

'Blue Irises' tote for hope and faith. Irises start to bloom from end of the spring to mid summer however I like to include this model into the spring collection for its freshness for its appealing mix of green and blue colors. 

Ladies if a versatile weekender tote is what your heart desires look no further. RaluFineArt totes are the ones for your spontaneous picnics, daily shopping or even the spontaneous weekend overnights. You can wear them with jeans, casual outfits, t-shirts. They add an air of fun to your daytime look and they match in so many ways.

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Think of RaluFineArt totes when you are exited to pack and you are on-the-go! 


March 07, 2021 — malina catoiu