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I've talked in my previous blog posts about my actual collection, the models and how they are done. Scarves come in many sizes and shapes but one important aspect is about the fabric is used to produce the scarf.

So this time I thought I would try something different and talk about the fabrics I look at for this summer collection. One thing you know by now about me is that I love to wear natural materials. So be sure you will not see in my shop scarves made from polyester or any other synthetic fabric.  

You want what's best for you right? So do I !

Let's start with: 100% Silk Crepe de Chine 

Lightweight, elegant, tasteful and airy summer fabric. Below: is just a mock up and not the final pattern that I have chosen for my summer collection. 

I love for many reasons this fabric to name a few is the wrinkle resistance, lightweight, durability and breathability. It has a mat appearance and is the most feminine and romantic silk fabric in my opinion. 

The next one is 100% silk habotai
Noble, ultra light, delicate. Below one of my summer scarves named 'Beach Dream' already available in the shop
It is known for its fineness, lightweight, softness, silky touch; it shines in the sun and is slippery. It flows on the body but in the same time it retains shapes and wrinkles. Silk habotai is very much loved by the fashion couture makers.   


 Let's move on the 100% silk twill.

Silk twill has a twill texture with a light or middle weight material. 

In the first photo below is 'Garden's Wonders' a middle weight, more thick and it gives more volume. 


I am considering the light, soft one for this summer. See below the second photo. Note: it is just a mock up and not the final pattern that I have chosen for my summer collection.


The next one in line is 15% silk, 85% modal

Lightweight, breathable, transparent with a very soft feel. 

Modal is made from beech trees: the cellulose is extracted form the pulp of the tree and is a bio-based fabric. Is considered to be more eco-friendly as the beech tree does not require much water to grow and the production is less polluting than the cotton itself. It is incredible soft, durable, it drapes very well and it wrinkles less than the silk habotai. Below: is just a mock up and not the final pattern that I have chosen for my summer collection.



100% modal fabric is what I consider it too

Below: 'The Scent of Roses' modal long scarf already available in the shop

Sounds nice right? So many choices, so many marvelous fabrics to choose from. Yes, I hear you!

Maybe you think right now which one to choose once these scarves will be in the shop and which model or fabric would best fit for you?

I hear that too. That's why I prepared a bonus for you free to download on how to choose the perfect scarf for you.

CLICK HERE to download your BONUS.



Want to be the first to know when I bring all these beauties for the summer collection? All products for this summer will be done in limited edition. 

I have already people waiting for them. But no worries. I got you covered for that as well.

Jump on the waiting list and make sure you will hear from me as soon as I have the first samples.


Yours truly


April 02, 2021 — malina catoiu