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Definitely a shower curtain can make the most significant change in your bathroom with a minimum effort and on a budget. Plus it's easy to switch up when you get bored of it and you can make your bathroom design look totally different whenever you want! 

Here's 'Urban Decay' (coming soon into the shop); love the mix of colors and the model fits perfectly in an apartment as well as in a house. You can match it with bath towels (yellow, blue, pink, beige, white, black, dark gray, orange) or why not...if I'm thinking better with a towel with the same pattern as the shower curtain. 

Bathroom is the smallest room in our home but equally important to be decorated. Using a shower curtain instead of a glass door is a great way to freshen up your bath decor as often as you want adding a personal touch to it. 

Living in a big city can be stressful and bathroom can be your oasis of relaxing time. If you like the minimalist urban style with clear and smooth colors, 'Empty Streets' shower curtain could be the one you are looking for. 


Shower Curtains are super versatile, depending on the space you have in your bathroom and your mood you can pull it all the way open, left it partially open or completely shut. 

Another reason I love shower curtains is because they are customizable and here imagination is endless. The image below is from a client of mine; they were moving from the countryside into the city and they wanted to bring the nature into their new home. Here what he says and their final touch in decorating their bathroom: 

'It is not easy to find a shower curtain that pulls greenery and water and rocks into a single print, but this was exactly what we were looking for. We added ivy garland around the top, woven around the shower hooks, and have river stone bathmats which make this a perfect fit for our decor.' - see 'Sulphur Spring' Shower Curtain

It's no secret but when a shower curtain is added to the bathroom it brings a lively atmosphere, it softens up the space and transforms it completely. 

You know that expression 'The best ideas come under the shower'? Did you ever surprise yourself under the shower with the water running and in that moment to have an epiphany? To help your creative shower thoughts why not having a pleasant city pattern shower curtain (coming soon into the shop), it can help you plan your next city trip. 


If you are curious to see more models I invite you to head to the Shower Curtains collection; have a look and choose wisely so that you enter into a magical bathroom every single day. 

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October 04, 2020 — malina catoiu