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It is clear how a pattern on a scarf can reflect your personality right? And most of us, scarf lovers, have a way to wear the scarves. Silk or satin fabrics are more classic, elegant and chic; lightweight fabrics such as crepe de chine or chiffon indicate more of a feminine personality trait. Loose cotton and more heavier textiles scarves are more of the relaxed personality style. 

Some of us love subtle and softer floral patterns. There is a positive vibe about them. Notice the new arrival 'Life in Bloom' silk crepe de chine scarf, a symphony of wisteria in soft pastel colors. 

Florals can be both strong and feminine as the image below shows 'Love in Idleness' new arrival scarf.  Given the versatility of the scarf this one would be a perfect gift no matter of the season. Believe it or not floral patterns are in season all year long so if you ask yourself : 'Can I wear florals in autumn or in the winter?' The answer is a big YES. 

During cold seasons we tend to look at darker colors when we choose our clothes or accessories but cold seasons are gloomy and gray. With floral patterns you bring that extra cheer and happy feeling in your life. 

With 'A Ray of Sunshine' floral scarf you can definitely pull that feeling. Pair a floral scarf with a solid color outfit in a similar color and you will see the effect. 


And with shades of blue accented with a vibrant floral design you will instantly look pretty. Wear 'Blue Medley' scarf and you will be obsessed by it.


If you like the relaxed and casual style you can always pair floral with denim. The contrast of 'Nature Bliss' scarf offers a perfect casual look. 

 As the temperature is dropping and trees leaves started to change their colors you may like more copper, brownish colors to give you that autumnal feel. You might be in luck if you read this and if you still find one of the last pieces from the best sellers 'L'été indien' scarf and 'Autumn Leaves' scarf

The darker palette still applies for autumn and winter and some of us like the urban style. With the versatile and beautiful  'Urban Decay' scarf you will have less contrast and you can combine it with different outfits. The scarf is magnificent and now at sale. 



Do you like more bold colors or you prefer neutrals? Scarves are a promise of timeless elegance and with RaluFineArt scarves you will find patterns with multiple colors going from soft pastels to more dramatic bold colors, from classic red and blue colors to more earth tones, yellow gold, brown, bronze and copper. 

No matter which one you choose, these scarves will make turn heads around you. And don't forget for each scarf purchased a tree is planted. You can read more about it by clicking HERE


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September 19, 2021 — malina catoiu