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'Majestic Horses' Scarf


The scarf model is representing different types of horses like Arabian horse, Akhal-Teke horse; Andalusian (Pure Spanish) horse, Friesian horse, Shire horse, Percheron horse, Barock Pinto horse, Baroque horse, Trakehner horse; Appaloosa horse, Palomino horse, Przewalski horse; Pony horse and Foal horse. LIMITED EDITION

Materials: 100% pure silk, silk satin 14 mm, one side printed, hand rolled edges

Length/Width: 90x90 cm (35.5 inches x 35.5 inches)

Top quality, the manufacturer used environmental and harmless ink

Care: Dry cleaning only. Do not bleach

Printing Type: Direct Digital 

Signed and label attached. All rights reserved by RaluFineArt

The scarf comes presented in a beautiful RaluFineArt envelope, perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself! Scarves are shipped from Belgium with DHL; from the moment the package is handed to DHL it takes 48h to reach you

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