Monthly Subscription for the Wearable Art New Collection - Limited Edition

A great choice! Enjoy the surprise!


If you love subscription boxes, then you will love our Scarf of the Month Subscription Box! The Subscription Box contains a scarf selected by RauFineArt and extra surprise gift. Each box has a theme and will feature products to fit that theme. Each month the box content will be different but each box content during that month will be the same. The value of the products included in your box will always exceed the monthly subscription amount you choose. 

Each month or each two months, you can surprise and delight yourself with a top quality and wearable piece of art!
Each month or each two months you can buy a surprise gift to your lucky friend or sister (mother, aunt or grandmother to name a few). 

Once the order is placed, your order is reviewed and make sure we have all the information needed. We ship the package each month on 15th of the month. If the 15th of the month is during a holiday day or during the weekend, the box is shipped the next business day. If you buy this subscription before 15th of each month, you will get the box during the same month. If you buy this subscription after 15th of each month, you will receive it the month after because we ship each 15th of the month for all subscribers. 

If you want to offer the subscription as a gift, when you complete the shipping address information for her, please put your email address in the email field so that you receive our confirmation of purchase email. Otherwise it will spoil your surprise for her.

Each month RaluFineArt choses the scarf to be sent out.

Subscriptions are set for a minimum of one delivery before you are able to cancel. After your first shipment, you may cancel before the 5th of the month without incurring cancellation fees. You will be charged on the 5th of each month with a cut-off date for each 10th of each month. 


Designed for women who love to be authentic and stylish. All unique designs and limited editions. The colors are gorgeous and the material feels amazing.

Materials: 100% pure silk or modal, silk twill or modal 14mm, machine hem
Modal is a natural material, bio-based fabric, super soft fabric made from beech trees which is turned into fiber using an environmentally-friendly chemical process.

Length/Width: SILK 90x90 cm (35.5 inches x 35.5 inches) OR MODAL 90x&180 cm (35.5 inches x 70.9 inches)

Top quality, the manufacturer used environmental and harmless ink

Care: Dry cleaning only. Do not bleach

Printing Type: Direct Digital

Signed and label attached. All rights reserved by RaluFineArt

All orders are sent in a presentation box, perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself!