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Start Up Kit : Your Fashion Online Business Start-up Kit


You can hire me to work 1-1 with me and have personalized sessions based on your needs

This coaching journey will help you to accomplish your BIG dream and goal to turn your idea into your online fashion and accessories business.

My role is to be your coach and mentor as we go through this process together.

You will be guided in this process step by step to give you the knowledge you need, to uplift you and boost you actions when needed.

6 hours provided in the 1:1 coaching package for 6 weeks:

  • one week coaching/mentoring,
  • one week for implementation with email support and Q&A sessions

Implementation is everything. You don't learn by just watching so the implementation weeks are very important for you to make progress.

The coaching package takes you through all the steps sharing with you a proven framework.

During this time you will put in practice the knowledge shared with you and implement the steps.

Depending on your needs:

It offers you:

  • a fast track to create your start up fashion business plus it saves your time and money in the trial and error process
  • a step-by-step proven formula to create your own startup and launch later your brand successfully

 It helps you:

  • to lose the overwhelm, this kit is designed to give you clarity, guidance and get things started on the right foot
  • to define your brand identity and choose the business model that fits to your vision

 It gives you:

  • insights on the manufacturing process and how to find a manufacturer

It teaches you:

  • how to price your products depending on the business model chosen

It shows you:

  • how to set up your shop online in the most easiest way without spending too much money
  • how to build your audience before you go live



  • design your own brand identity
  • choose on your own business model
  • cost and pricing strategy
  • marketing funnel
  • customer journey funnel


  • build confidence
  • get rid of the procrastination
  • remove the overwhelm
  • overcome the imposter syndrome
  • stay focused
  • stay motivated
  • stay engaged


  • set up your shop online
  • learn how to create a waiting list
  • have your brand name and logo done
  • digital social media channels

In this coaching package you will have

  • 6 LIVE sessions during 6 weeks time (incl Q&A) + email support
  • This is a special price for the people that signed up for my free online course only and only valid for the next 6 days. After 6 days the package is offered at €1500. 
  • I offer you also a DISCOVERY CALL (30-45 min) where to discuss the coaching timeframe and tailor the content as per your journey needs