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Trends and fashion styles evolve in time first it’s this thing and then it’s that thing. If you follow my blog you will know by now that I am not into following strictly the fashion trends neither into the fast fashion. I love to find my inspiration based on moods, feelings, seasons, moments in time, walks in the nature, history and travel. 

From behind the scenes here’s my new summer scarf design that I named it: ‘Moods and Styles’. 

Does hairstyle affect our mood? I would say it does. How many times we women wanted to change something in our lives we often started to go to the stylist to have a change in our hair style. We know deep in our minds and hearts that hair style is one of the important factors that can change the way we feel about ourselves. Its about self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence. 

My new summer scarf is all about different choices in life, different choices of styles that make you feel good and smile along with the essential pieces of the summer season: lip gloss, sun glasses and the summer hats. 


Want to be the first to know when I bring this beauty in the shop for this summer? Its a limited edition like all my scarves. 

If you like 'Moods and Styles' new scarf make sure you you will not miss out the pre-launch with special treats just hop on the waiting list or simply pre-order it now. 

You will hear from me as soon as it arrives in the shop.  



Yours truly

Ralu xx

May 22, 2022 — malina catoiu
Tags: summer scarf