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Coucou my lovelies

Wanted to pop up here to share with you from behind the scenes on what I am working right now. As the time got better and warmer I started to go out to visit some nice places and one of these places is Chateau de Modave in Belgium. I am living in this country for so many years but I discovered this beauty only recently when together with my husband we were strolling around to find out beautiful places for me to take new photos. 

I have fallen in love of this castle and starting the moment we entered with the car on the alley I started to imagine how it would have been centuries ago when the owners of the castle were riding their horses. Not hard to imagine isn't it?

For those that are not in Belgium and did not hear about it, the castle was built in the middle ages and was the house of several famous owners like Count de Marchin, Maximilian Henry of Bavaria, Prince Bishop of Liege, the Cardinal von Furstenberg, the families de Montmorency, Lamarche and Braconier. Along the centuries it has been restored beautifully for several times and since 1941 it belongs to the company Vivaqua.


Modave Castle is situated on a rock 60 meters above the valley of the Hoyoux river. It has a magnificent view, amazing gardens. So here are some raw photos I took while strolling around the castle and on the recent restored terraces. Its terraces offer a splendid view over a natural park of 450 hectares.

Its refined interior will charm you instantly right from the entrance hall. 

During my visit I was transposed in the past, charmed by the surroundings, the architecture, the interiors and the art exposed and looking back at the photos my creativity was suddenly unleashed creating one new model a lovely scarf in two nuances that I hope you will like. 

The scarf model is representing different type of horses like Arabian horse, Akhal-Teke horse, Andalusian (Pure Spanish) horse, Friesian horse, Shire horse, Percheron horse, Barock Pinto horse, Baroque horse, Trakehner horse, Appaloosa horse, Palomino horse, Przewalski horse, Pony horse and Foal horse. First model in different nuances of green. 

The first sample I did is only one sided printed but the final scarf I will have it done double sided printed and it will be made of silk twill 90x90 cm. 

The second model is in orange and yellow: the one below printed on one side that has the colors less intense and the second one that is double sided printed with vibrant colors. Of course the scarf will be made in silk twill highest quality and 90x90 cm as size. 

Which one you like more for the orange and yellow one: one sided printed with lighter nuances or the double sided printed with vibrant colors? I know my answer: vibrant colors, double sided printed. Love to live in colors. 

And second question is which one you prefer in between orange/yellow and green one? I love them both and I will make them both. But which one would you choose? Drop me an email and let me know; I promise I read every single email and I will reply to it. 

If you love my new model let me know.

Catch up later

Ralu xx


May 08, 2022 — malina catoiu