Get to know Dolceacqua, a town located in Imperia region in Italy – Ralu Fine Art

One of the northern Italy famous places that enchanted my eyes recently is the little town called Dolceacqua situated in the province of Imperia, 120 km southwest of Genoa very close to the French border.

Dolceaqua means in italian 'sweet water'. The name of this hamlet comes from the latin Dulcius; used during the Roman occupation.

This winter it was for the first time I have visited this charming place and I can say that I was astonished by the narrow cobblestone streets, a classic medieval style that provides tourists a magnificent view into the vast history of this ancient  hamlet. The walk on the streets was like going back in time in another century, the old part is beautiful and quirky with tunnel walkways and tiny lanes. The buildings can reach up to 6th floors and some streets are completely in shadow without the light of the day.

First impressions are that you are in a labyrinth of semi covered, narrow streets with variety of art galleries, local crafts, apartment houses. The path leading to the Doria castle was a mesmerizing experience for me. I stopped in front of an art gallery and I bought two paintings from a local artist, so that I can remember the moments spent there.

Magical and mysterious. No wonder why Claude Monet fallen in love of this intemporal hamlet and represented it in four of his paintings. 

Here below some photos captured.

This hamlet remains in my memory as a true fairytale.

January 02, 2019 — MALINA CATOIU