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Riquewihr was for some years on my list for the weekend escapes trips mainly for its picturesque view and history. Every building is miraculously preserved since the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the houses that arise on the main street one after the other appear to our delight in shades of blue, pale yellow, dark red, mauve, faded turquoise and light green. 

Some can argue on what it makes from Riquewihr such a fantastic village; this place is famous also for the vineyards; since the Middle Age time, it gives to France and to the Alsace region, one of the best and most famous wines. In almost every wine shop you find awards hanging on the walls, displaying diverse wine competitions won by the local producers. 

Well for me, Riquewihr is a romantic medieval town preserved like it was in the 16th Century, located in between the Vosges mountains and the vineyards which is unquestionably spectacularly beautiful. Before we arrived in Riquewihr, we stopped in Colmar (another beautful village in Alsace only few km away) where we stayed for four days. We thought that Colmar is one of the best villages in the region but after we have seen Riquewihr we decided this one is very particular. 

In Riquewihr i have discovered a great art gallery that displays only the paintings of Veronique Ziminski (here the link http://www.veronique-ziminski.eu). She has personal art galleries in Yvoire and in Riquewihr and other cities. I have fallen in love immediately of her paintings full of colors and full of life, expressing herself in red dress as main character in the middle of people, on the streets, in Province, in Paris, playing to piano, in the middle of the fields. Her paintings evoke great dynamism, optimism, passion for life and in the same time sensitivity. Surprisingly for many years she worked in a completely different field of activity than art. Her husband discovered her talent and encouraged her to pursue her true passion for painting.

So, dear readers believe in your talents and pursue them, nothing its impossible. 

On a personal note, this story inspired me to open my own online fineart photography gallery with my own photos and open this shop.

Some photos from Riquewihr....

January 02, 2019 — MALINA CATOIU