Happy International Forest Day! – Ralu Fine Art

Today I've chosen to speak about the International Forest day because one of the missions of RaluFineArt brand is to raise awareness about deforestation. Forests cover one third of the land on Earth and it's vital for all of us to preserve them. 

Four things we all should know: 

1) Forests provide us medicines 

25% of medicinal drugs used in developed countries are plant-based while in developing countries it goes to 80%. Forests provide essential health products such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and ethanol for sanitizers, masks and protective clothing for medical workers. 

2) Every year our planet loses 10 million hectares of forests and that is HUGE! 

3) We can bring degraded forests back to life. There is potential to revive them. 

4) Forests shield us against future pandemics. 

60% of all infectious diseases and 75% of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic. 

Since ages the Mother Nature has been a source of inspiration for us the human beings: the sight of the mountains and clear rivers, the seas and oceans, the woods and forests steering the human spirit to write poems, novels, songs, to create beautiful paintings, to take amazing shots and produce any kind of art. 

'A tree is beautiful, but what’s more, it has a right to life; like water, the sun and the stars, it is essential. Life on earth is inconceivable without trees. Forests create climate, climate influences peoples’ character, and so on and so forth. There can be neither civilization nor happiness if forests crash down under the axe, if the climate is harsh and severe, if people are also harsh and severe…What a terrible future!' – Anton Pavlovich Chekhov  

A forest is the entrance to the beauty and tranquility that shares a history of each tree. For some it's all about money and money and only money. What a tree would say? Some of these trees have been here for hundreds and even thousands of years. Forests are our planet lungs. What right have you human being to destroy that?  

The aim of the International Forest Day is to raise awareness of threats to all types of forests, to protect and maintain forest and the biodiversity of the species. We need the forests in our lives, from the paper we read to medicines we take when we are sick, from the building materials for construction to our home needs. All of these would be A SCARCITY in our lives without forests.

Plant a tree and plant a hope. I am showcasing in this blog four of my weekender bags. One of the missions of RaluFineArt brand is to raise awareness about deforestation. When you buy anything from RaluFineArt shop know that a percentage of sales go for replanting trees actions. You can see the whole collection by clicking HERE. 

March 21, 2021 — malina catoiu