Indoors and Outdoors Blankets – Ralu Fine Art

Easter is coming and for me Easter it means going outside more often, sunny days ahead, staying more in the garden with a fleece blanket. Soon picnics in the garden are my favorite moments so here some some ideas for fleece blankets. 

Here 'Breathtaking contrasts' blanket and can be used outside in the garden during your picnic or BBQ time. 

and the fabulous 'Sky on Fire' fleece blanket that will be soon in the shop. 

Oh and by the way if it starts to rain don't worry about the blanket to get wet because the fleece blankets absorb very little water so you can trust your blanket to keep you warm and dry. 

Both can be used outside or inside and the biggest appeal is the texture and velvety finish. 

RaluFineArt fleece blankets are very comfy and light-weight. You can even wear them like a shoulder wrap. 

Or even lay them down on the floor in your child bedroom or the play room. 

All RaluFineArt fleece blankets comes in two sizes and are made of 100% polyester. The bottom surface is white and available here in Plush fleece or Sherpa style. Plush fleece blankets are soft and fluffy on both sides whereas Sherpa fleece are smooth like a soft sweater. 

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March 28, 2021 — malina catoiu