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Did you know that your iPhone cover choice says a lot about your style? As a matter of fact it seems that now people judge a person by their mobile phone. Didn't we use to say this about the shoes?  

If you are dreaming of dropping everything, packing your fabulous accessories and have a walk in the nature, I've got several phone cases designs for this spring that will inject some individuality in your daily life.

Protecting your phone is important but it does not mean it doesn't need to look stylish. Phone cases are a must-accessory. Meet 'Blue Irises' and 'Garden's Wonders' phone cases. 

The designs are exclusive RaluFineArt and you will not find them anywhere else. The phone cases are light, durable with a fabulous nature pattern designs. Everyone will ask be asking you 'where did you get that phone case?'

Let's talk in pairs: 'Delicate Roses' in the 'Countryside in Belgium' phone cases.  

There is one great way to make your phones unique and you can achieve that with a new phone case. Here two floral phone cases that deserve your attention. They are so romantic aren't they? Looking at them is just one of those little things in life that make me happy. And we can all use more happy right? 


You can always buy them in a pair and have a second case for you, for a friend or family member. They will fall head over heels in love with these phone cases. Beauty stays in the details. Each piece from my collection has been meticulously designed and they are unique as you are. 

Don't wait too long, just refresh your phone for this spring with these chic, romantic and incredible beautiful phone cases. CLICK HERE to get inspired and see all my phone cases collection. You will find a multitude of models and for many types of iPhone and Samsung phones. 

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February 16, 2021 — malina catoiu