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After months and months of searching and looking at your options, you have finally found your dream home (apartment or a house). After all the papers are settled the fun part begins: renovating and decorating!

You entered in the bathroom or the kitchen and you said to yourself that you consider changing it and remodel your bathroom or kitchen and you begin looking for possible services to have an advice. Where you go to ask an opinion: to an interior designer or decorator? And which one you need and when?

Well sometimes is confusing isn’t it especially for the people that are not working in that domain. Sometimes people think of interior designers when come about renovating and decorating their homes but they are in charge from drawing the initial floor plans till the last decorative detail.

An interior designer can be an interior decorator and not the other way around. Interior designers work closely with the constructors, architects to design and achieve what the client desires no matter if it is about a house, apartment, office, hotel or any other interior space. Interior designers are involved in both design and decorating and this includes space planning, discussing with the architects, drawing, looking at the light, colors, styles, furniture, fabrics and they are all about visuals.

They remodel a bathroom or a kitchen, renovate the exterior of a house, add a room or floor to the building, transform a garage into a living space, and transform your back yard to switch the functionality of that space.  They are trained for this type of job and they are certified and they have far more expertise than interior decorators.

So let’s look now at what exactly we need interior decorators. For instance, when you want to have your interior styled with a particular theme, to update your living room for springtime, select the color scheme, furniture and accessories or decorate a home office. They are those professionals that help us with advice on how to balance a room visually with the repetition of lines, shapes, textures, patterns, size and the weight of the pieces of furniture and how many accessories we put in, practically with everything from decorating tips to color inspirations and final touch. Usually they present you with multiple options, mood boards and ask for your feedback.

They don’t work with architects since the structural works are not involved; they rather work with furniture makers, accessories makers, resellers, paint sellers, textile suppliers. So an interior decorator is more like your personal stylist hired to create an atmosphere in your home that aligns with your personal style and finalize the look of the space.

There are so many things to think when you begin such a project. It can be overwhelming. So who should you need and hire? That totally depends on your own needs. If you need to make functional or structural changes, in that case you opt in for an interior designer and if you want more soft touch, deciding on the style, choosing the colors of your walls, lighting and accessories then you choose an interior decorator.

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February 01, 2021 — malina catoiu