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Some of us like to stick with a singular interior design style when decorating our homes but some love to mix and match different styles to decorate their homes. Your home is often viewed as a reflection of who you are and I am that kind of person who loves antiques but also other styles to create that unique environment that makes me feel truly at home.

Merging styles is an exciting way to add personality to your place especially when you are blending different designs from different eras. Modern antiques like Charles Eames will always match beautifully to 18th and 19th century antiques. Details make all the difference.  

Today I choose to talk about throw blankets. I am a big fan of them especially during the winter time. They add color, texture and pattern into your own space. See this blanket in the images below? 

I named this fleece blanket ‘Empty Streets’; it has an urban pattern with neutral soft colors. The beauty of this blanket design is that it can be beautifully combined with different interior design styles. 

When designing the pattern I have been inspired from a photo I took while walking in the streets of Colmar in France. For those who never have been in Colmar I have a different story part of my blog about Colmar and its art of living.

I've chosen to talk about this blanket as I find that it fits so much with the times we are living right now: the pandemic, full and partial lockdown. It makes me think of what Mehmet Murat Ildan said once: 'Silence is the beauty of the empty streets; laughter is the beauty of the crowded streets! There is beauty both in emptiness and in fullness; there is beauty both in absence and in presence!' 

I personally miss travelling and each time I take out the blanket and snuggle around the fire I remember about this incredible medieval and surreal place called Colmar. Plus I love to see how old and new comes beautifully together refreshing a modern antique piece of furniture with 'Empty Streets' blanket. A room does not need to look brand new or from the same period or era. You can bring old and new together and mix beautifully the styles. 

Let's have a look at the same fleece blanket how it fit in a completely different environment and for that I have chosen the industrial style a very distinctive blend of modern and old-world charm. When it comes to industrial style interiors, natural and neutral tones work the best and raw materials to the max! But let's be honest nobody likes to live in a cold concrete box. The good news is with 'Empty Street' blanket you have that space that feels warm and cozy too. 

All my blankets are luxurious and soft and available in two different sizes 50'x60' at $79 (€65) and 60'x80' at $89 (€73); the bottom surface is white and available in two styles: plush fleece and sherpa fleece. Plush fleece is soft and fluffy on both sides whereas sherpa is smooth like a soft sweater. You can check the whole collection of blankets HERE.

And if you really want to match your blanket with a throw pillow here's one named the same 'Empty Streets' that can be matched with this fabulous blanket. The throw pillow will be added soon to the collection. If you want to check the throws collection just click HERE. 

Which one you like more and how it fits: in a traditional interior décor or in the  industrial style? Let me know your comments, so curious to read them! 

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December 16, 2020 — malina catoiu