RaluFineArt in Conde Nast Traveller UK - January 2021 Issue – Ralu Fine Art

‘Everything Classic. Everything Exceptional. Everything to Dream About’ - Conde Nast Traveller UK ❤️

For the second time RaluFineArt scarves are part of the Luxury Gift Guide for the January/February 2021 edition of Condé Nast Traveller UK 😊😊🥳🥳🥳🥳

I’m absolutely thrilled to see again ‘Autumn Leaves’ scarf selected. This scarf captivates with its luxurious model, with the stunning rich palette of colors. And it is absolutely a hit! 🎉 LINK HERE 

As you know me by now I prefer a mix of classic and modern; in my opinion a scarf is special, a timeless accessory, a symbol of femininity and sophistication. For each scarf I design there is a lot of care and attention given from the start of the design to the finish in production, quality checks are performed along all the process. Creative imagination and designs, skillful hands and craft-work, all these complex processes have to be in harmony to create these wonderful products. 

Here the link for the digital ‘On the Move’

Thank you Condé Nast !! You’ve made my day! ❤️ What an end of the year! 🎉🎉

To more days like this! 🍾

Founder and Designer 

Malina Catoiu

December 08, 2020 — malina catoiu