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There is a lot of harmony between hobbies and entrepreneurship. Turning a hobby into an online business is a very common way to start with something you are already very passionate about.

Lots of brands started out as passion projects. My RaluFineArt brand is one of them. I started from my photography hobby mixing it with my passion for fashion accessories and more.

There is no better feeling than loving what you do and knowing that other people love what you create.

Lets look at some myths and facts together

Myth: You can’t get into the fashion business if you don’t know someone.  

Fact: Not true. I knew nobody when I started my fashion business and after few months from my scarves collection launch famous magazines like Vogue UK, Tatler, GQ and other showcased my creations in their editorials. 8 months after that I was on the FashionWeek podium in an international emerging fashion designers show

Myth: You must have a degree in fashion to succeed

Fact: No you don’t. It definitely helps you but not blocking you from doing it. So do not beat yourself for having a degree in economics or finance instead of fashion and this to be an obstacle in your way. I have a degree in Economics, one in business, worked all my life in banking and no degree in fashion. But this did not stop me from creating my own fashion brand and business.

It all starts with an idea, a dream and a big flame in your soul that burns for doing this. In few days I launch a new online course Turn Your Hobby Into a Fashion Business.


👉If you dreamed to be a solopreneur in the retail fashion business then this course is for you.

👉You will have my support and a proven path that will give you step by step pragmatic guidance in this journey.



Come and join my course

Week 1: You will find your business ideas and think what would you like to do

Week 2: You will narrow down on your ideas and see which ideas you think can be turned into a business

Week 3: You will learn how to find the market for your idea, how to define your ideal client, your audience and niche

Week 4: You will have at least one good idea, you will validate your idea and decide if it is worth investing your time and money to build up your business around your idea.

This course is ideal for creative women interested in starting their own fashion business but just need the right idea! If you are tired of your corporate job and want to start something new, this course is for you. If you have no business idea and want to know how to get the right idea this course is for you. No prior knowledge necessary, simply a passion and desire to start a fashion online business. 

This course is now closed for registration but you can get on the WAITLIST to be the first to know when we open up again.

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Waitlist registrants receive a special offer and bonus!

February 27, 2023 — malina catoiu