The Magic Tree Tale Scarf – Ralu Fine Art

I am super excited to show to you the new model that is in making and that is coming soon into the shop. This moment is simply priceless, the new model is finally here. Allow me to show you the sample I received from the new manufacturer for my new scarf: The Magic Tree Tale. 

‘…Ancient stones and paths, wise and worthy trees. Here’s where I belong. Nature calls to me. The secret of the forest calls to those it feels. Enchanted chosen beings, to those whom magic appeals.’ - ML Morgan 

Deep in the enchanted forest grew a special magic tree, his branches went and go in different directions and flowers grow on its intertwined branches too. 

It does not fear the storms as its roots hold strong and no matter what is blown its way it will stay there where it belongs. It is a forest where each thing can change and the ground is full of green moss. Everything is so different, the forest is so calm and peaceful and only the endearing tweeting of birds can be heard around. 

I feel the magic and the energy of the place and looking around suddenly I see dancing fairies that come to me to show me the way. They make signs to convince me to advance on the path flying around me with a speed that I hardly can follow and telling me not be afraid but just follow. Never ending is the joy to discover and admire. 

How did I come into this forest is not clear but somehow I knew that the forest and this special tree has a message to bring: trust your intuitions, embrace the light and stay away from fears. A simple kind act is always worth to do, stay wise. When you embrace the light, the light becomes you and in the light you will find the enlightenment. Don't be shy make the steps and believe in what the life prepared for you. 

All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them and transform them into the reality. From a simple dream to an amazing fashion accessory ready to bring the joy into other people's lives.

I’m simply in love how it turned out on the silk. What do you think? Care to share a yay or nay with me?😀

It will come in two sizes. A large square 70x70cm for the ladies and surprise...... for the first time in 45x45 cm with double usage as pocket squares for the gentlemen and as bandana for the ladies.  

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Your truly

Ralu xx

February 24, 2023 — malina catoiu