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Traveling inarguably gives happiness to all of us and these days it is a bit difficult for that to happen especially going into an exotic place. So I'm bringing you exotic patterns in your bedroom for the end of January.

I'd rather stay in bed with such a duvet cover and throw pillows...and the weather tells me so. Below 'Cloudy Day' Duvet Cover

Doesn't it look fabulous?

At night you can imagine you are on a beach in a Caribbean island and totally immerse into those vibes...I'll tell you which one is my favorite if you ask ;)

My world travelers, beautifying your own bedroom in the way you dream to travel, bringing natural landscape and seascapes in your own bed is incredibly relaxing. Actually your bed is the place where you spend up to eight hours in a day right and the way you style it and the themes and colors chosen can impact your mood throughout the day. 

You can match this stunning duvet cover with the decorative pillows in different sizes with the same pattern. Your choice if to place them on the bed or simply on a chair around. 

With all this uncertainty around the corona pandemics spending more time in our homes it makes me think of where I want to go when I will be able to travel freely again. Are you feeling less cheerful than usual? Numerous studies have shown that the color of your home décor has a significant impact on your mood. Don't you want your bedroom to be a peaceful oasis relaxing and calming or inspiring and uplifting you? Shall we do more travels in our dreams?

Meet another exotic model for your bedding namely 'Sea waves' duvet cover. Moss, emerald, sea foam. Sea lover, this is for you. You won't just like it, you will love it. And if you want to style your bed to perfection match it with a decorative pillow you may click HERE to see more.

Did you ever wonder why beds in home décor magazines always look so stunning? One of the valid answers: Decorative Pillows my lovelies! There is not good answer to how many decorative pillows to display on your bed but decorators advise to include an odd number of pillows for esthetic reasons.

Cherish the power of travel in your dreams with beautiful tropical sunsets. Snuggle in your bed and think you are on the beach at the edge of the sea or ocean during the golden hour. 'Tropical Sunset' Duvet Cover will take you imaginary there. 

See the whole COLLECTION HERE and ....P-P-P-P-Pick up a travel with RaluFineArt in your dreams! 

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January 24, 2021 — malina catoiu