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I've always been a fan of over-sized tote bags. They are the perfect functional accessory; they are bigger and better 'cos I can fit in everything I want. Over-sized totes can carry every single thing you own! And like any other woman I have many things in my bag, you cannot even imagine. 

The fact is that over-sized totes are continuing to dominate the runaways, the street and our casual outfits. They are over-sized enough to make them useful, spacious to handle the big weekly shop; their practicality is endless! You fit pretty much everything you like: your lunch, your water bottle, iPad, gym kit, your beach towel and the million other little things that will make their way into their depths. 

If you are one of the kind that have compromised and preferred practicality for style, totes might be what you are searching for.

Are you ready to carry on your shoulders this summer an over-sized tote? You can wear it with jeans, casual outfits, summer t-shirts. This tote adds an air of fun to your daytime look, perfect for going for shopping or coming from the beach.

Another casual statement tote bag and one of the best sellers named 'Whisper of Passion'. Hate it or love it, it comes in a mix of deep red and black colors and has a multitude of uses: as beach bag, picnic bag, daily bag to carry your daily essential. This bag makes anyone cheerful and happy. You can match it with the 'Whisper of passion' modal scarf in the same pattern. 

Wherever you go on the beach of by the pool, this bag will definitely make an impact and be the topic of conversation. A blue bag matched with blue denim sounds like a good idea. Wear this blue tote with jean shorts, a t-shirt, and flat strappy sandals. You can plopping it down in the sand and enjoying the warm weather. Definitely my favorite for the summer time and one of the best sellers.

This bag is so fun, part of the street style vibe. Go for a monochromatic black or white ensemble, and add sneakers.You can wear it as well to the beach with a beach dress or shorts. 

I would pair this bag with a white cotton summer dress; denim dress and sandals work fine as well. Would you say no to match it with your black leggings or biker shorts? This bag definitely gives you options. 

Are you in on this over-sized trend yet? What about over-sized totes to carry your kid's stuff in? In two words: utilitarian and chic!


Think of RaluFineArt totes when you’re excited to pack every morning and you are on-the-go! You will find more than 50 bag models in the weekender and tote bags collections. If you like them, tell your friends about these beautiful and practical big bags.

June 06, 2020 — malina catoiu