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I thought I would give you a sneaky look into my scarves collection process making. The whole process of creating scarves from its design to the final form is mesmerizing. I believe that by taking this opportunity to peek behind the scenes, you will understand the uniqueness and the outstanding value of your future scarf. 

First steps in this process are for the design, selecting the themes for the designs, the range of colors. I put a lot of thoughts and consideration when creating the drafts, designs and the topics are set on seasons, artistic nature inspired, urban and street style. I use my own photos to create patterns and it takes up to several weeks to work on an initial draft; selecting the perfect one is not always easy. 

Once I have the digital pattern done I think of the type of material that best fits to the pattern and model. I prefer to work with natural silk. Did you know that silk has good insulation properties: warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and that it tends to adjust to your body temperature?

Natural silk is composed of protein fibers and when our delicate skin meets the silk it will have a unique softness and it feels comfortable. Moreover it has a beneficial effect on human skin health, it stimulates cells regeneration. It can absorb the moisture and helps the skin to maintain a certain degree of moisture to not make the skin too dry. Silk is not only best in heat dissipation but it also has a good insulation, it prevents the heat distribution in the air. And by the way silk is a dust proof and anti-ultraviolet. Avoid to keep the silk scarves in the sun for long time because when silk absorbs the ultraviolet light it tends to yellow; it changes chemically. 

The process of printing the scarves and seeing the designs appearing on the textile in front of our eyes is absolutely magical. 

The silk fabric and colors are prepared carefully before the printing; the digital machines pick up and replicate all the incredible details from the digital designs. 

After printing the fabrics need to be steamed to fix the inks to the fabrics, as well as bringing to the surface the rich color from the dyes. The fabrics are put into steamers and after the steaming, the fabrics are washed to remove the excess of paint and checked to make sure there are no blemishes or water spots. Finally it goes through more rinses in special baths and dried just ready to be passed onto the next phase. 

Once the fabrics are printed, steamed and washed they are pressed and hemmed. The edges are cut before they are hand rolled or machine hemmed. 



For each scarf there is a lot of care and attention given from the start of the design to the finish in production, quality checks are performed along all the process. 

Creative imagination and designs, skillful hands and craft-work, all these complex processes have to be in harmony to create these wonderful products. Once I get the scarves from the manufacturer, I wrap them in a tissue paper signed RaluFineArt and put them in the box in order to be sent to your door. 

My lovelies, the beauty stays in the details. Literally you will wear a unique and gorgeous piece of art. Click HERE to shop from my collection.

July 22, 2020 — malina catoiu