One scarf, 3 ways to wear it – Ralu Fine Art

Hello my lovelies

When art invites itself in your wardrobe in the shape of a small rectangular scarf like 'Life in Bloom' one and you wonder how to style it quickly let me drop here some ideas for you. 


I love babushka style, it is very easy to style it and wear it especially when you want to protect your hair from the wind. I would not advise it on a rainy day as silk and water are not the best friends. The traditional and classic way of the babushka style is tied under your chin.


How can you do that? Well, very simple. You fold the scarf in two on the diagonal to get the shape it in a triangle and then you place it on the head and tie in a small double knot the two extremities under your chin. Why double knot? Because the silk in general is slippery so to make sure the scarf will stay on your head its better to make a double knot. And by the way you may want to loosen a bit the knot to not feel uncomfortable when wearing it.  


Another way to wear small square scarves is wrapped around the shoulders and have it styled with a small round or rectangular scarf ring. 



Last but not the least is to try one of the Parisian styles. You fold the scarf in a triangular shape and then roll it to form a long rectangular shape. Then you tie the scarf around your neck without hiding the extremities adjusting it to the left or right. Oh, there is another alternative to hide the extremities by rolling them around your neck. 


Unleash your creativity and let me know how will you style 'Life in Bloom' scarf for a casual or a sophisticated look.

April 30, 2022 — malina catoiu