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They make all the difference in any room: either living room or bedroom, they add color to your living space, make our home look more cozy and they make us feel more comfy. Pillows make us remember people, places, they bring up emotions and all those memories when we were playing with them, hugging them, making us to resonate with different moments in time. In the picture below 'Cloudy Day' pillow inspired from the exotic island St. Lucia Western Antilles. 

So think for a moment why do you love pillows? 

Pillows serve a variety of purposes: great for napping, sleeping, reading a book, travelling, watching TV, decorating your living space you name it. Designs and patterns affect our emotions and to bring them in our home we need to resonate with them. Below 'Tree Roots' pillow. 

These days you are spending more time at home and now is the best time to re-decorate your space. One of the biggest advantages is that you can mix and match patterns and textures plus they are both functional and aesthetical. 

Spring and summer seasons inspire me to be surrounded by floral patterns. Ready to be bold? 'Delicate beauty' pillow promises to look good anywhere and makes a unique statement. 

Bring vacation right into your home by adding a golden hour dimension to your space with this 'Tropical Sunset' pillow. 

If you want to turn your bed into a travelling escape, style it with urban pattern pillows. And if you are into urban patterns, I introduce you to a new model inspired by a picturesque small village in western Liguria in Italy named Apricale. Shall I bring it in the shop? 


Feeling inspired? There is an overwhelming selection of pillows in my store. CLICK HERE to see the whole collection. 

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July 18, 2021 — malina catoiu