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Coucou lovelies,

This week at Sibiu (Transylvania, Romania) is taking place the 13th edition of Feeric Fashion week the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe. 

RaluFineArt is at the Feeric Fashion Week part of 'The new talents' collective show by KREEP Milan. The collection is stylized by Sebastian Felix Topescu, fashion editor at MODIC Magazine and 33 Magazine in Milan, Italy. 

RaluFineArt participates in the 'The New Talents' collective show with 6 of its scarves namely: 'Urban Decay', 'Breach Dreams', 'Star Fish', 'L'été indien' and 'Autumn Leaves' and 'Breathtaking contrasts'

I am absolutely delighted to see RaluFineArt as one of the brands together with other brands from California, NY, Germany, Slovenia, Egypt and Pakistan. The show was on 24th July at Boromir Factory in Sibiu. 

There have been lots of photo shoots done in the backstage and on the place for different magazines. Curious? Stay tuned as more will come. 

Till then check the scarves collection and don't forget that the new scarves models will come soon into the shop. Go HERE and HERE to read about the new upcoming models and sign up on the waiting list. I will open the pre-order soon and being a limited edition, there will be on first in first out basis; and the first ones to get access to pre-order are all my valuable subscribers and VIP's.

Till next time send you big hugs

Ralu xx


July 25, 2021 — malina catoiu
Tags: fashion week