What's 'Yesterdays' Silk Scarf about? – Ralu Fine Art

Tick-tock, the sound of the clock, a constant reminder of how precious time is. Time has its own dimensions and when we are doing what we love we do not care about the time. At the first glance it is a simple vintage clock, well crafted with carved woodwork edges and perfectly painted in burgundy or pink or blue or green or black.

But then it begins to tick and it becomes something else as days become collections of hours and hours become collections of minutes and moments in time. Without the clock I would say I do not know the exact time but then remember that we all follow two clocks: one outside telling us the time each day and the other one inside of us that is our own timekeeper. And my lovelies we women feel our biological clocks and dance through the beat of that drum all our life.  



When designing this scarf I liked the idea of this duality of the external and internal clocks and the meaning of time in our lives. This scarf is to remember you that this life is yours, yours to laugh, yours to enjoy it, yours to feel classy and elegant. With 'Yesterdays' scarf you unravel your sartorial elegance.


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April 22, 2022 — malina catoiu